The ongoing program and community for actionable change.

Live sessions with experts, cross-sector topics and impact case studies.


What is the impacton academy?

Impacton academy is the ongoing program and online community for impact makers.

Join the impacton academy to:

  • Learn actionable tools to apply directly to your impact journey,

  • Engage in live sessions with impact experts and social entrepreneurs,

  • Dive into different impact and sustainability topics every month,

  • Connect with an international community of young talents and impact makers to make a positive impact around you.

This is the program you were looking for to learn about projects that work, connect with global experts, talents and peers and apply for-impact skills to your journey.

Why join?

Enough with complexity, fragmentation and abstract theory.

We are drowning in information and starving for actionable knowledge.
We want ongoing, cross-sector content that focuses on for-impact skills for the future. Online, of course.

Join our community if you:

  • are done with theory and are looking for taking action for positive impact instead;

  • care about climate change, human rights, circular economy and social change, but you don’t know what you can do about it;

  • no longer want to hear about what’s wrong and want to focus on taking effective action instead;

  • want to learn environmental sustainability and social inclusion principles to apply your unique journey.

How does it work?

The impacton academy is: 

  • Online, globally accessible

  • Ongoing, to build practice 

  • Modular, every month covers a different topic

  • Interactive, all sessions are live with Q&A and networking

The program focuses on a different topic every month, with tailored sessions with experts, exercises and more!

What are you going to learn?

Impact is not just about climate change and social innovation. 

The program covers topics from all impact and sustainability fields, tackling different angles of what “making impact” means and enabling participants to apply these skills to their own journey

All sessions are live and interactive. You can join the academy anytime and access live and recorded sessions, shared material and community networking.

Who are you going to learn from?

Our academy experts are professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and creatives who are writing the next chapter of our economy and society. 

A global for-impact community 

Designed by youth, for youth.

The impacton academy is co-designed with youth organisations networks from 50+ countries to provide you with the actionable knowledge you need to make a positive impact along your journey.

The program is co-designed with youth organisations like:


We want our program to be inclusive and accessible, on a global scale.

For this reason, together with our partners we decided to create special discount plans as a special launch price, and dedicated localised pricing options (see the FAQs to learn more). 

Early bird, annual plan 35% off

145$ /year

95$ /year (8$/month)

Early bird, monthly plan 35% off

16$ /month

11$ /month

You'll get: 

  • access to the full program with the early bird discount (and 1 month of free trial)
  • dedicated discounts for special Masterclass
  • CERTIFICATE of attendance (annual plan only)

... and more! For details see the FAQs and the plans below. You also have a monthly subscription option in case you prefer it.

👉 The offer is limited! 👈
** The fees will rise in Summer 2021. **

What are you waiting for?

Join the global ongoing program and community for real impact makers.


What's the difference between the annual and the monthly plan?

Two main differences: the fee (the Yearly Plan is cheaper on a monthly basis) and the Certificate of Attendance, which you only have in the Yearly Plan.

When is the academy starting date? How long does it take to complete it? 

Our program is ongoing, with a subscription model (yes, like your Netflix). It doesn’t have a starting or ending date. You can join anytime, and access past recorded sessions and material. We currently offer a special discount on both the yearly and monthly plan, but prices will rise in Summer 2021.

Do I need impact and sustainability pre-existing knowledge to join the academy?

You don’t need any pre-existing knowledge. Impact and sustainability are relatively new topics, plus we are collectively acknowledging that what we called “sustainable” or “impactful” in the past was, in fact, not empowering and not positive at all. 

The impacton academy is designed to equip you with real-life references from experts and proven case studies from a variety of angles, for you to gain actionable best practices to apply to your journey or projects.

The pricing is too high for the country where I am in and/or Stripe doesn’t work here. What can I do?

We created different fees for countries with other currencies, please reach out to [email protected] for more information! We’ll send everything your way. 

This is exactly what I need, but I can’t afford it right now. What can I do?

If you can’t afford our subscription, you can always send us an email to [email protected]. We are committed to make this project sustainable, but our primary goal is impact. We really don’t want money to be the reason why you don’t get value from the work we are doing, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

How many hours would the academy take per week?

impacton academy is modular and flexible. You choose how much time you want to dedicate to it. The program is designed to make the most out of it, investing 1-2 hour per week. 

Do you still have questions? Write to us at [email protected].

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